What are firefighters’ special skills and what sports are they good at?

Firefighting in Japan

Hello, my name is KIYOYU and I am a former firefighter YouTuber!

This time, I would like to rank what sports and activities Japanese firefighters were involved in.
I would like to introduce to you.

Which is more common, athletic or cultural clubs?

The most common type of firefighters is the athletic club.
This may be natural since it is a physically active profession.

Conversely, very few are in cultural clubs.
However, recently, there is a tendency to value the existence of people who excel in one art
who excel in one art.

Some of the outstanding talents I have seen are
Juniors who speak English fluently,
junior staff members who can sing well,
who are good with computers
I have seen firefighters with various specialties such as
I have seen firefighters with a variety of skills.

English was used at disaster sites and in lifesaving classes.
There were situations where they played an active role at the forefront of the firefighting organization.

A junior who was a good singer belonged to the firefighting band,
at the annual concert held every year.
and sang at the annual concert.
and won the hearts of grandparents.
grandparents’ hearts.
Some of them were moved to tears.

My colleague, who is very good with computers
always made a video for my colleagues’ weddings.
He is a professional video editor.
Not only at work, but being good with computers
Not only for work, but also for many firefighters
firefighters trust him.

I know this is a little off topic.
A current firefighter,
have done before getting a job.
to the ranking of sports
the ranking of the sports he played before he started his career!

Fifth place

In fifth place is the Swimming Club.

Good swimmers are one of the most important weapons in rescue operations.
is one of the weapons in rescue operations.
As you might have guessed,
swimmers are mainly used as “water rescuers.

As a “water rescue team” at the scene of a disaster.

There are also water rescue competitions
water rescue competitions are also held.

Fourth place

In fourth place is the Kendo Club.

Martial arts, including kendo
the image of the police is strong, but
but there are many firefighters
Kendo clubs are also found among firefighters.

at the gymnasium in the neighborhood of the fire department
I have heard that they practice together with police.

Third place

Third place is the Track and Field Club.

Some of our neighboring fire departments
There are several people who ran the Hakone Ekiden
and many of them have continued running even after they started working.

I was very impressed with the number of people who continued running even after they started working at the company.

At the end of the fiscal year
fire departments held the “National Firefighting Headquarters Ekiden
The event was held.

Second place

In second place is the “basketball team”.

Those from the basketball team
were all ridiculously large in physique.

And even though they are big
they have a lot of stamina.

They had endurance that could take the weight of their muscles
I had endurance.

Also, because of his broad vision and quick thinking
I was transferred to many elite departments,
I have the impression that there are many talented people in the company.

I have the impression that many of the people I know who came from the basketball team
I know people from the basketball team who are active in the rescue team, the general affairs section, the prevention section, and so on.

First place

The “baseball club” is by far the top.

The vocalization and decision-making skills cultivated through baseball
and decision-making skills cultivated through baseball are also definitely utilized in firefighting work.
I believe that the quick and nimble movements of the firefighters can definitely play an active role at disaster sites.
I am sure that they will be able to play an active role in the field of disaster management.

My senior who became a firefighter at the same university was a member of the baseball team,
Most of my classmates were also on the baseball team.

There were also some who participated in the Koshien National Championships at the firefighting academy.

If you want to become a firefighter, you might want to start playing baseball.


How was it?
There are many firefighters with various backgrounds.
There are many people with various backgrounds.

Even if you don’t have any special skills, there are a wide range of firefighting jobs available.
I am sure that there is a department where you can find your aptitude.

If you are thinking of becoming a firefighter,
I hope that you will make the most of your unique
I hope that you will make the most of your unique strengths and move forward.