How to use blue sheets by firefighters

Firefighting in Japan

Firefighters are
Blue sheets are utilized in a variety of situations, including during disasters.
In this issue, we will introduce how firefighters utilize blue sheets.

Examples of Blue Sheets in Use

How to use at the scene of a fire

At the scene of a fire

For extinguishing fires on the second floor or higher, such as in condominiums

When a fire breaks out on the second floor or higher of an apartment building and firefighters are extinguishing the fire, this product is used to prevent water damage to the floor directly below.

Since water drips from the ceiling of the floor directly below the floor on which the fire broke out, blue sheets are spread to the four corners of the room to cover the ceiling and stop the spread of water damage in the room.

Water dripping from the ceiling collects in the center of the blue sheet, so we will visit the room again at a later date to remove the sheet.

Blue sheets are also used to protect property, as each household has expensive clothing, computers, and other items.

They are also used for personal injury

Blue sheets are also used at horrific scenes where people are on the tracks and want to cover their eyes.

The body of the person in need of rescue is quite badly damaged, so the blue sheet is spread out to cover as much of the body as possible.

Some people take videos and photos from visible places, such as inside a train or on a station platform,

In many cases, the rescuers in need are dead,
However, since they are often dead and easily shocked, we try to hide them as much as possible,” he said.

Blue sheets are also spread out among firefighters to cover the scene and keep them out of sight.

Use in Disaster Drills

During outdoor disaster drills held in parks and other locations,

During CPR training,
During CPR training at parks and other outdoor disaster drills, the resuscitator is placed on a blue sheet for training.
This is simply because the doll cannot be placed directly on the ground.

If we do not place the doll on the blue sheet, it will get dirty with sand.

After returning to the fire station, the soiled blue sheets are washed with water and dried.


This is the story of the fire station I worked at,

Every fire truck is loaded with blue sheets.

Perhaps other fire departments carry them as well.

So they are used in different ways and in different situations.

The ones I mentioned are just a few examples.

There are many situations where blue sheets are used.