Firefighting in Japan

About types of fire and extinguishing. Characteristics of A fire, B fire, and C fire.

みなさんこんにちは、元消防士YouTuberのKIYOYUと申します。 今回は火災の種類と、それぞれの火災に適さない 消火方法について説明したいと思います。


元消防士YouTuberのKIYOYUと申します。 今回は、私が消防士だったとき、職場でパワハラを受け、長期休暇を経た後に、消防本部に呼び出されたときのエピソードについてお話しします。 今でこそ明るく話せますが、当時、幹部職員から言われた一言は私の心をさらに窮地に追いやりました。
Firefighting in Japan

How to use blue sheets by firefighters

Firefighters are Blue sheets are utilized in a variety of situations, including during disasters. In this issue, we will introduce how firefighters utilize blue sheets.
Firefighting in Japan

What are firefighters’ special skills and what sports are they good at?

The most common type of firefighters is the athletic club. This may be natural since it is a physically active profession. Conversely, very few are in cultural clubs. However, recently, there is a tendency to value the existence of people who excel in one art who excel in one art.
Firefighting in Japan

How much do firefighters in Japan earn?

Compared to other public employees, firefighters have a higher annual salary. The reason for this is that firefighters receive benefits in addition to their salary. Firefighters are in a dangerous profession, and their special working conditions and the rank system unique to firefighting organizations have an influence on this. In terms of employment examinations, differences in annual salary can be seen depending on the examinations passed.Therefore, the annual salary depends greatly on the measures taken before taking the exam.
Firefighting in Japan

Japanese Architecture! Why is a skyscraper 31 meters high?

Hello! My name is KIYOYU, a former firefighter YouTuber in Japan.In this article, I will explain the definition of a high-rise building by reviewing the Japanese Fire Defense Law and Building Standard Law.
Firefighting in Japan

Always remember! 18 types of rope work for Japanese firefighters

Hello, my name is KIYOYU, a former firefighter YouTuber from Japan! I am now a retired firefighter, but I have been working for 8 years.In this article, I will introduce 18 types of rope work that every firefighter in Japan must learn.Rope work is called "kihon kessaku" (基本結索)in Japan.
Firefighting in Japan

Japanese ex-firefighter starts blog

Blog of a former firefighter Hello, I am KIYOYU, a former firefighter YouTuber. I worked as a firefighter in Japan for 8 years. In this blog, I would like to talk more about the characteristics of firefighting in Japan.


こんにちは。 元消防士ユーチューバーのKIYOYUと申します。 今回は消防設備士に向いていない人の特徴についてカンタンに お話ししたいと思います。


こんにちは。元消防士ユーチューバーの KIYOYUと申します。 今回は私が消防士を辞めてから どのようにして、ネット上で稼げるようになったのか、 簡単にお話ししようと思います。 怪しい勧誘や、詐欺ではございませんのでぜひ参考にしてみてください。