Always remember! 18 types of rope work for Japanese firefighters

Firefighting in Japan

Hello, my name is KIYOYU, a former firefighter YouTuber from Japan!

I am now a retired firefighter, but I have been working for 8 years.

In this article, I will introduce 18 types of rope work that every firefighter in Japan must learn.

Rope work is called “kihon kessaku” (基本結索)in Japan.

There are three main types

These 18 types fall into three broad categories.


I will explain in turn.


Ketchaku is used to tie a rope to a part of another object or to the human body.
For example, it is used to secure a ladder to a balcony fence.



Next is ketsugou. This knot is used to join ropes together.



Finally, there is Kessetsu.

・hanmusubi(半結び:Commonly known as” half”ハーフ)


Rope work is one of the most important skills for firefighters in Japan.

Whenever a firefighter is hired at a fire department, he or she is required to enter a firefighting school for six months.
The first thing they are given there is a rope.

It is such an important tool and skill.
After the training is over, you will be working in the field, and if you forget even one thing, you will be subjected to merciless abuse and ridicule.

Rope work is one of the most important traditions of firefighting in Japan.