Japanese ex-firefighter starts blog

Firefighting in Japan

Blog of a former firefighter

Hello, I am KIYOYU, a former firefighter YouTuber.
I worked as a firefighter in Japan for 8 years. In this blog, I would like to talk more about the characteristics of firefighting in Japan.

I will also provide all kinds of information about firefighting, such as laws and qualifications as well as about the organization of firefighting.

About Firefighting in Japan

As of April 1, 2020, there are 726 fire departments and 1,719 fire stations throughout Japan.
The number of firefighters is 166,628, of which 5,587 are women.

The largest fire department is the Tokyo Fire Department.

These are the so-called “standing fire departments.

Currently, the number of members of the fire brigade, which is a non-permanent organization, is on the decline,

Japan’s fire brigades are composed of people from a variety of occupations. Some are postal workers, others work in nursing homes. Perhaps it is the interaction between people from different professions that makes the fire brigade so attractive.

My Goals

The YouTube videos I have created are primarily informational for firefighters and fire equipment engineers.

I will continue to provide as much information as possible for firefighters and fire equipment engineers in Japan and abroad.